Who was Lizzi Marriott?

Lizzi was a bright and talented young woman from Westborough, Massachusetts with a tremendous passion for the ocean and marine life.  She was attending the University of New Hampshire studying Marine Sciences. Lizzi dedicated herself to make a difference, volunteering many hours at the New England Aquarium while in high school and college.  Unfortunately she was senselessly murdered on October 9th, 2012.  The Lizzi Marriott Intrepid Explorer Fund has been established to keep her passion and life’s dream alive.

What is the Lizzi Marriott Intrepid Explorer Fund?

The Fund has been established by the Marriott family as a means to honor and celebrate Lizzi’s life and passion. It will be used as a scholarship fund for young adults looking to embrace an education and life working in marine sciences. Preference will be given to Westborough High School graduates, volunteers at the New England Aquarium and University of New Hampshire students studying Marine Sciences.

Lizzi Marriott Intrepid Explorer Fund is a recognized 501 (c) (3) non-profit, tax exempt organization.

Why the name “Intrepid Explorer”?

In her college essay for the University of New Hampshire Lizzi wrote about her passion for the oceans. The essay described the trans-formative effect that volunteering at the New England Aquarium had for her, " My visitors don’t see me as some teenage girl; instead they see me as an intrepid ocean explorer. "  She concluded her essay by saying that until she could become a "prominent figure protecting our oceans" she would be content being an "Intrepid Explorer".


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